Trump wants to cut funding for school safety, despite the crisis of violence

The administration of the current President of the United States in the draft budget for fiscal year 2019 proposes to reduce spending on programs related to safety in schools. The total amount of reductions must be $110 million.

Economists note that, despite the increased funding for this area by the U.S. Department of justice (U. S. Department of Justice) reduce spending on other Federal programs negate these efforts. Basically cash receipts will cut the projects that aimed to increase the level of security in schools and to teach students how to behave during extreme situations.

This trend, in fact, is not the first year. Over the past decade, the public assistance programs in this area, regularly face budget cuts. For example, in 2007, the funding for such projects amounted to more than $600 million, and in 2018, the total amount of slightly more than $400 million. It should be noted that part of this money – funds allocated to local law enforcement.

Specialists in this field is strongly concerned about what is happening. They also note that spending on security of the legislative bodies, on the contrary, increase. Next year the US authorities are going to spend $450 million for the work of Capitol police. To understand, in 2017, this amount was $393 million. A number of other services will also receive additional funding.

At the same time, experts agree that the project of the White house is not the final version of this document. In their opinion, the discussion of the budget for the 2019 fiscal year, its contents can seriously change. Some political analysts admit that the President’s team specifically pretending to be planning to cut funding for school safety. This is supposedly done to ensure that the Democratic party has turned its attention to the reductions.

Once that happens, the White house will unveil new programsdesigned to change things for the better. This step should enable the President «to cut the ground from under the feet» of the Democrats, whom he regularly criticizes.