Almost a third of Americans believed that it will soon begin a second civil war

In the next 5 years, the United States faces a second civil war, is afraid of 31% of Americans of voting age. Moreover, according to 11%, it is «highly likely».

59% of respondents in a recent survey believe that a second civil war is unlikely, and only 29% of them believe that it is «unthinkable.»

New civil war feared more Democrats (37%)than Republicans (32%). As for voters who are not sympathetic to any of the parties, 26% have no doubt that America is on the threshold of a new internal war.

By the way, 59% of all voters concerned that violence escaped the opponents of the policy of the President of trump.

Women more than men, afraid of the possibility of civil war, and the respondents up to 40 years — more than those over 40.

If we compare the results by race, the probability of the outbreak of the second civil war in the next 5 years allow 44% of blacks and 28% whites.

42% of voters believe the country is moving in the right direction. According to 40%, Hillary Clinton would be America better President than Donald trump.

It is noteworthy that 3 years ago one third of Americans polled did not know that 150 years ago the country was a war between North and South.

The survey was conducted by Rasmussen Reports online and on the phone. The error is under 3%.

We will remind, in March of 2017 in the US conducted a survey about the possibility of a new civil war among the representatives of organizations of national security. It is possible, said about 30% said.