US intelligence suspects the DPRK to increase the production of nuclear fuel in secret facilities

US intelligence agencies are convinced that, despite the past at the beginning of June, the talks, the DPRK is stepping up the production of nuclear fuel in several of its secret facilities. Kim Jong-UN may try to hide this fact in order to obtain concessions in subsequent negotiations with the United States regarding the denuclearization, according to NBC, citing data received from official representatives of the U.S. intelligence agencies.

«We know that North Korea has long been trying a lot to hide from us,» said one of the five anonymous sources. According to him, although the DPRK has officially stopped the nuclear tests, there is no evidence that it reduces nuclear stockpiles or stop production, and this, in turn, means that the North Koreans «are trying to deceive US».

Also, according to intelligence officials, North Korea, in addition to Jonben, who was officially named as the only nuclear facility in the country, there are several of such centers.

A second source said that North Korea’s decision on the suspension before the summit nuclear and missile tests was a pleasant surprise. However, he added, the state continues to try to hide «a number of nuclear facilities, weapons, missiles… We keep [them] to follow.»

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In the CIA and Washington declined to comment. We will remind, at the summit, the U.S. and North Korea agreed on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, however, the signed statement does not give specific information about how and when Pyongyang will abandon its nuclear weapons.