Worldwide protests against the separation of migrant families

The protesters against the separation of immigrant families in American cities were joined by activists from at least 4 other countries.

On Saturday, June 30, thousands of people gathered for a March in Washington to protest against the immigration policies of President trump. All 50 States were planned more than 700 protests under the title «Families should be together» (Families Belong Together).

They were followed by demonstrations in other major cities around the world — including London, Munich, Paris, Hamburg and Tokyo. The protesters are calling for the administration to trump to expedite the reunification of more than 2,000 detained migrant children with their parents.

«We’re here for parents who can no longer sing lullabies to their children, addressed the crowd, the author of the musical «Hamilton,» Lin-Manuel Miranda during a rally in Washington — and we will not stop until they again will not be such possibility».

At the #DemocratsAbroad vigil for #FamiliesTogether #Paris

— Ellen KushnerNoRelation (@EllenKushner) June 29, 2018

Munich #FamiliesBelongTogetherMarch

— Scott Dworkin (@Acer) June 30, 2018

Many of the international marches were organized by Democrats Abroad, the official democratic party for Americans living abroad.

«Thank you to the thousands of people who took part in protests against the cruel, separating family-friendly policies trump. The United States should not become a country taking children from their parents and locking them in cages,» commented Saturday meetings Senator Bernie Sanders.

Thank you to the thousands of people turning out today to protest Trump’s cruel policy of separating families. The United States of America must never be about tearing families apart or locking up children in cages. #FamiliesBelongTogether

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) June 30, 2018

Shortly after activists announced the planned protests, trump signed a decree suspending the separation of families on the border. However, human rights activists believe that the administration of the President acts quickly enough to reunite already separated children.