Personal lawyer trump is ready to repudiate the President and make a deal with investigators

The confrontation of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and Donald trump may soon receive a new round of development. Michael Cohen, the personal lawyer of the President of the United States, which represents its interests in the controversial case involving Stormy Daniels, gave an interview to ABC News.

It man straight text, said he will fight with the US President and his legal team, if they in any way try to discredit. Such rhetoric, according to political experts, said that a lawyer close to concluding a deal with spectaculorum.

Statement of Michael Cohen was the first serious meeting with the media after U.S. Federal prosecutors raided his office, hotel room and home. Then the police seized the working papers of a lawyer that has confidential information on its customers.

Personal lawyer trump is ready to repudiate the President and make a deal with investigators

Such rhetoric, according to political experts, suggests that the lawyer is close to a deal with spectaculorum. Photo: flickr/CC/iowapolitics/

«I’m not going to be a whipping boy in someone’s defense strategy. I’m in this story are not evil and will not allow others to put me in that light,» said Cohen in an interview.

In the course of communication with a member of the press, the man replaced the usual rhetoric and ceased to actively defend the interests of the President of the United States. Instead, the lawyer went to the protection of personal positions. Experts believe that this change of sentiment caused by the pressure experienced by Cohen from the team Muller. We are talking about investigation of possible banking and tax fraud. In addition, a lawyer suspected of involvement in illegal acts during the conduct of the election campaign trumpassociated with the payment of money porn star Stormy Daniels.

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In this case, Robert Mueller still has not filed charges Michael Cohen. This may indicate that spectracolor wants wants to persuade the lawyer to cooperate. If he succeeds, then Donald trump will be under attack. When a journalist asked him whether to give US President ‘s personal instructions to pay money Stormy Daniels, Cohen said that he will definitely reveal this secret, but later.

«I want to answer. One day I will answer, but at the moment I have no way to comment on this issue,» — said the lawyer.