On the statue of Liberty visitors were evacuated due to opponent’s trump, who climbed on the pedestal

Seven people were detained on the island of Freedom after they unfurled a banner that read «Abolish the ICE«. As soon as people hung a banner at the foot of the statue, the police arrested them. According to witnesses, when protesters took, they noticed a woman who was removed previously deployed poster.

On the statue of Liberty visitors were evacuated due to opponent’s trump, who climbed on the pedestal

Thus, the people expressed their civil position in relation to the policy of «zero tolerance«pursued by the ICE and the team of the White house. It became known later, that action was held by the group Rise and Resist NYC. On her page in social network Facebook there was a statement in which activists announced his presence on Liberty island. They asked Donald trump to stop the persecution of illegal immigrants and release them from prison.

The police reported that all visitors to Liberty island were immediately evacuated for security reasons. At present militiamen carry out the test and find out incident details.

UPD: after the incident, the unidentified woman climbed on the statue of Liberty and started swinging a t-shirt that says «rise and resist«. To a scene there arrived police which persuades protesting down. At the moment a woman refuses to comply with officers. Law enforcement officers trying to remove an activist from the statue unharmed, but it is extremely difficult to do.

Police had to close the statue of Liberty to visitors for the whole day. Staff complains that this day, as a rule, is one of the busiest and now a few thousand people will not be able to visit a national landmark.

We will remind that earlier the Congressman from Wisconsin mark is Shown introduced a bill which provides for the elimination of Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE). According to the politician, such a step has pushed the «cruel, inhuman and anti-American policy, which is a direct result of the actions of Donald trump».

At the same time, a number of political experts are convinced that the abolition of ICE does not solve the problem of the rigid immigration policy. They advise the representatives of the Democratic party and human rights activists to find a compromise in relations with the current President of the United States.