Jimmy Carter believes that «Jesus would approve of same-sex marriage»

«Jesus would approve of same-sex marriage,» said June 8 in an interview with HuffPost Live , the 39th President of the United States.

Such a provocative statement Jimmy Carter made, presenting his book «a Full Life: reflections at ninety».

«I think that Jesus would approve of any love affair, if she was honest and sincere and no one got hurt, and I don’t see gay marriage ever harmed,» he developed his idea Carter, adding, however, that churches that do not accept same-sex unions, are not required to bless.

In a conversation with HuffPost Live, Carter, who called himself a real Christian, told how faith shaped his politics.

Carter admitted that it was hard for him to accept the legalization of abortion, because, in his opinion, Jesus would not approve of most abortions.

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«That was hard for me to convince myself that Jesus would approve of abortion, resulting from rape or incest or threat to the life of the mother. In this regard, I had an internal struggle, but the oath, which I brought, on assuming office, obliged me to obey the Constitution and laws of this country…» — said the 93-year-old companion HuffPost Live.

Recall that Jimmy Carter became President in 1977 after the U.S. Supreme court legalized abortion (so-called precedent of Roe v. Wade).