Baby trump in the sky of London forced the US President to feel «uninvited guest»

Today, July 13, tens of thousands of Britons took to the streets of London, protesting against the visit of US President Donald trump in the UK. In the sky at this time was floating angry kid trump in a diaper and with a mobile phone in his hands. The launch of the 6-metre balloon was approved by the mayor of London Sadiq Khan. The American leader is a joke obviously did not like.

In an interview with British newspaper the Sun trump has said that she feels «unwelcome» in London and the reason for that — a caricature «airship».

The Trump Baby balloon is up

— Nick Eardley (@nickeardleybbc) July 13, 2018

«I used to love London… I’ve been there were not. But when they make me feel unwelcome, why should I be there?» — said the head of the White house.

Lawyer trump Rudy Giuliani believes that the mayor of the British capital «should be ashamed of yourself.»

«He’s busy with attacks on the President’s visit trump while in London, crime is rampant. Maybe he should just do our jobs and not to attack on a world leader?» — suggested protector of the US President.

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‘Trump Baby’ balloon takes flight over #London as Donald #Trump prepares for tea with the Queen (Pic: Reuters)

— ABC News (@abcnews) July 13, 2018

Interview trump for the Sun was truly scandalous. The President said that former foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned this week after a disagreement with the Prime Minister and Theresa may, «would be a great Prime Minister».

After this rash statement, the White house convened an emergency briefing in which press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that «the President loves and respects the Prime Minister may» and she «really great personality».

But trump has made it clear that he supports Johnson, speaker for the output of the United Kingdom from the European Union. For its part, may offers a policy of»soft Brexit’a», which will continue to have access to the EU single market, and that was the main reason for the departure of Johnson.

«If they sign the agreement, we will cooperate with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal,» said trump, referring to the possibility of concluding a Treaty of Commerce between the United States and great Britain.

In the UK Donald trump will spend 3 days. Today, the U.S. leader plans to meet with Theresa may, and then visit a tea ceremony with Queen Elizabeth II.