The construction of the Trump Tower in Toronto sponsored by investors close to the Russian leadership

Journalists of the popular edition of the Financial Times conducted an investigation, during which described in detail the relationship of the U.S. President and the businessman of Russian origin Alex Schneider. Mainly employees of FT are based on legal documents, interviews, and records of court proceedings.

According to information provided by reporters, Schneider held a secret payment of $100 million to an intermediary who had contact with the «investors from the Kremlin«, ready to invest their money into the construction of Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto. A man who engaged in «issues» is allegedly the former head of «Naftogaz Ukraine» Igor bakaj. This payment, according to the newspaper, were not isolated. Now Mr. Bakai is under house arrest. He is accused of large fraud.

The construction of the Trump Tower in Toronto sponsored by investors close to the Russian leadership
A businessman of Russian origin Alex Schneider established a relationship with investors «from the Kremlin». Photo: Depositphotos

The Financial Times claim that Alex Schneider has invested personal funds, after he sold the Ukrainian company «Zaporizhstal«. It is noteworthy that there has not been «interested people from the Kremlin». The billionaire sold his share of pressure from a partner, Eduard Shifrin. He claimed that the Russians are interested in this deal.

In the may edition of The Wall Street Journal has published information according to which to Finance construction of the Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto could Vnesheconombank of Russia. Journalists believe that the management of this financial institution was forced to sell Schneider’s stake in Zaporizhstal. The buyer, according to WSJ was the company that have a direct link with the leadership of the Russian Federation.

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Experts note that legal consequences may relate to Donald trump only if such projects he knew where the funding goes. There are also reports that U.S. law enforcement is now investigating in this direction, intending to associate it with a «Russian thing«.

Earlier media reported that the company trump, the implementation of plans for the construction of a skyscraper in Moscow, used the services of the former Russian spy GRU.