The alleged spy Maria Butina offering sex in exchange for a position in USA

Rossiyanka Maria Butina, named by US authorities as a foreign agent, offered his sexual services in exchange for a position in an American organization that was beneficial to its interests.

Prosecutors submitted court documents in the case arrested a «spy» Maria Butunoi. According to the Ministry of justice, the woman was in constant contact with Russian intelligence.

According to prosecutors, Butina has «access to savings and wanted to transfer the money outside the United States.» Moreover, all things in the apartment, the Russians were Packed in the box, indicating that the suspect was going to flee the country.

The alleged spy Maria Butina offering sex in exchange for a position in USA
Maria Butina is known in Russia as the founder and Board member of the Russian public organization «gun rights»

According to court documents, FBI agents, who watched Butinai have seen her with a Russian diplomat, which, according to American officials, was an intelligence officer.

FBI agents also found a correspondence, dated March 2017, which was conducted Butynol and Alexander Torshin , state Secretary of the Bank of Russia, which is called main contact person «spy». He allegedly wrote to her: «You have surpassed Anna Chapman (the open Russian intelligence agent – approx. She poses with toy guns at the time, as you publish these».

According to the Bureau of investigation, Butinai had a personal relationship with Paul Erickson is an American lawyer and Republican former member of the NRA. But despite this, she has invited «someone else» whose name was not disclosed, sexual services in exchange for its interesting position in an American organization.

In turn, the lawyer of the suspect, told reporters NPRthat the charges of the Ministry of justice against his client are overblown and that she did nothing wrong.

Maria Butina-Memorandum-in-Support-of-Pretrial