Time magazine joined face trump and Putin in one (photos)

On the cover of Time appeared in provocative photos in which the faces of the presidents of Russia and the U.S. merged into one. Made magazine and the same SFII, where trump «turns» in Putin, and he is back to trump.

The author of the «United» photo — artist and designer Nancy Barson.

«Photography captures a specific moment in US foreign policy after the recent presidential summit in Helsinki», — reads the statement of Time.

Recall, after a press conference with Vladimir Putin on Donald trump’s barrage of criticism from both Democrats and Republicans.

Trump has publicly supported Putin’s statement that Russia does not interfere in the American elections in 2016. Later, after the summit, the U.S. President backed down, saying that he believes American intelligence agencies.

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TIME’s new cover: Trump wanted a summit with Putin. He got way more than he bargained for https://t.co/sUu9gGKmmP pic.twitter.com/qq6iOjlis1

— TIME (@TIME) July 19, 2018

Nancy Barson known as the developer of the photographic method of aging of the face, which the FBI uses to search for missing children.

According to the artist, her goal was to encourage people to «stop and think» about the similarities between the leaders of the USA and Russia. «My job is to help people to look different. To see what before they could not see,» explained the artist.