Trump has invited Putin to Washington — Moscow replied: «Maybe»

Today, July 20, Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov said that the Kremlin is ready to discuss a possible visit of Vladimir Putin to America. This statement has sounded next day after the unexpected «invitation» about which wrote on Twitter Donald trump.

According to the Ambassador, with a new meeting between the leaders of Russia and the United States should not hurry , because for a start it is necessary «to cope with the results» of the recent summit in Helsinki. But he noted that «Russia has always been open to such proposals».

Yesterday, trump dedicated a tweet to negotiations with Putin, noting that «looking forward to the next meeting». Information about the next possible stage of negotiations at the highest level was confirmed by press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders.

Trump has invited Putin to Washington — Moscow replied: «Maybe»

In addition to the Antonov’s statement that Moscow is ready for the next meeting, he also shed light on the discussion of Putin and the tramp behind closed doors. The Ambassador acknowledged that the presidents discussed the possibility of a referendum in Eastern Ukraine, and Putin has put forward «specific proposals» for the solution of the Ukrainian conflict. But no details on this subject, he no longer reported.

The Russian diplomat also condemned the «anti-anger» in the United States and repeated rhetoric concerning Russia’s influence on U.S. elections, stressing: «We do not interfere!»

Antonov called the summit in Helsinki «key event» in international politics, and ridiculed the assumption that the two men made any «secret deals».

Antonov also insisted on the release of Russian citizen’s Butinai, which US authorities suspected of espionage, calling her arrest a «farce». According to us prosecutors, a woman who is known in Russia as the founder and Board member of the Russian public organization «gun rights», offered sex in exchange for a position in USA.