«Kremlin agent» Maria Butina financed by Russian billionaire

A sensational story associated with illegal lobbying of interests of Russia in the United States continues to evolve. According to journalists of The Washington Post, Maria Butina, which the U.S. government is considered a «Kremlin agent», received funding from a Russian oligarch Konstantin Nikolaev. This woman said during a hearing of the intelligence Committee, in April of this year.

According to the suspect, billionaire sponsored organization «Right to arms«, which she founded. Prosecutors believe that the money was also used for the implementation of the illegal activitiesin which they accuse Mary Butina. Mention Russian businessman regularly found in personal correspondence of a girl and various records. However, the authorities did not mention the name of the mysterious sponsor. This information to journalists was voiced by the WP insider of the intelligence Committee of the US.

The official representative of the Konstantin Nikolaev confirmed the connection between a billionaire and a Russian woman arrested. According to him, they were in contact in 2012-2014, at a time when Butina was actively engaged in the Foundation of the organization «Right to arms». To comment on the allegations concerning the financing of its activities, the office of the oligarch refused.

According to Forbes, the state of Mykolaiv is estimated at $1.2 billion. He is the General Director of group of companies «N-TRANS», and also has a share in the Corporation Globaltrans engaged in rail transportation. In addition, the WP journalists claim that the billionaire has invested in several energy and technology companieslocated in the United States. In particular, we are talking about companies from Silicon valley.

However, most media attention was attracted by the fact that the son of the oligarch, Andrey, worked as an assistant in the campaign headquarters of Donald trump, presidential election of 2016. Konstantin Nikolaev was also seen in the hotel Trump International Hotel, during the inauguration of the current American leader. U.S. authorities believe that the billionaire has close ties with Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

Earlier we wrote that, according to media, the job’s Butini gave the Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin. She was repeatedly seen in the company of this officer.