The Kremlin said the leak of classified information «Roscosmos» abroad

The Federal Security Service of Russia launched an investigation of the Central research Institute of mechanical engineering in connection with the leak of information about secret supersonic weapon, reports the BBC.

In «the Russian Federal space Agency» confirmed that the security service of the company and previously worked with the FSB. Now on suspicion in disclosure of classified information detained about 10 members of the institution. They can be charged with treason.

We are talking about the leak of information about hypersonic missiles «Dagger» and «avant-garde». Both of these systems, Roskosmos, announced June 19 as the newest weapon speeds 5 times the speed of sound and capable of delivering nuclear warheads over long distances.

A suspect is known so far only one name — physics Victor Kudryavtsev. Now 74-year-old employee of TsNIIMash is in jail. In addition, in the case of figures, the Director of the United rocket and space Corporation Dmitry Paison.

Meanwhile, a prominent Russian scholar Pavel Felgenhauer questioned the technical characteristics of the»superweapon». According to a military observer, the missiles are part of the propaganda, and the case about the leak of information about them — the political course of the Kremlin. Felgenhauer argues that «Dagger» and «vanguard» — not of the latest design, and unfit for action for modification of already existing weapons and are suitable only for military parades on red square. The expert mentioned that this is not the first case of political propaganda resorted to by Vladimir Putin. In addition, Ukraine does not rule out that abroad «secret information» got consent of the President and with the assistance of the security services.

Recall a few days ago in Helsinki at the summit of the leaders of the United States and Russia, discussed the issues of the arms race.