Raul Castro has proposed to remove from the Constitution of «communism» and allow same-sex marriages

The former head of Cuba Raul Castro has proposed a number of amendments to the Constitution of the country. Some of them, if adopted, will significantly affect the state system.

One of the first necessary reform is the brother of Fidel Castro considers the establishment of the age limit of candidates for the post of President. (So we should call the President, which today is the Chairman of the State Council. The position of Chairman of the Council of Ministers should also be abolished — instead of the head of the Council of Ministers of Cuba will appear , Prime Minister.) According to Raul Castro, presidential candidates should not be older than 60 years.

In addition, the former Cuban leader proposed to remove from the fundamental law of the country the word «communism»and to allow same-sex marriages. The last sentence Castro made under the influence of his daughter ‘s mariely. The ruling party of Cuba, according to the new wording of the Constitution should remain Communist.

Earlier Raul Castro declared the need of rebooting the government and reviewing the length of stay of one and the same person for the presidential post. Thus, the draft of the new Constitution it is limited to two 5-year terms without the right of further balloting for the post.

In turn, the Secretary of state , Homero Acosta considers it necessary to extend the powers of the President, that he has ceased to be just a «ceremonial figure». However, having the ability to appoint the Prime Minister, the President cannot form part of the Council of Ministers and to appoint its head.

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In the opinion of American analysts, therefore, Castro wants to put the powers of the government above the authority of the President. Also, under the proposed amendments, the state Council will have the right to interpret the Constitution, which is in most countries assigned to Supreme courts.

Recall that after the revolution of 1956 he rules Cuba Fidel Castro, who left the presidency of the country for health reasons only 2006. After 10 years, the Cuban leader has died, ending an era. Since 2008 to April of 2018 head of state, government and army was the brother of Fidel — Raul. At the age of 86 years, Raul Castro also resigned, remaining, however, at the head of the ruling party.

Today the Chairman of the Council of State of Cuba Miguel Mario Diaz-Kanel ‘ Bermudez.