CNN published a trump conversation with the lawyer about the payment model Playboy

CNN has published a secret recording of the conversation between Donald trump and his lawyer , Michael Cohen. It then candidate for US President discusses the payment model for Playboy Karen Mcdougal.

The recording quality leaves much to be desired, but it is still possible to hear the trump and lawyer are the usual business talk on several issues.

As CNN reports, the record provided by counsel Cohen, lanny Davis, was made in September 2016 — a few months before the elections, in which trump won. According to the news channel published the dialogue concerns the purchase of rights to the history of the novel, the then presidential candidate Karen Mcdougal, who sold it to the tabloid National Enquirer, owned by American Media.

«I need to open the company to transfer all this information about our friend David,» says, among other things, Cohen is likely referring to longtime friend of trump, the head of American Media David packer, and adds that he has already started discussing «funding». Trump interrupts Cohen: «What funding?» When Cohen says the businessman: «We have to pay,» he answers something like: «Pay cash». Cohen argues: «no, no, No!»

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Personal lawyer of the President Rudy Giuliani confirmed that it really was about Mcdougal, but he said that trump has not made any payments to her and not talking about cash. In turn, the defender of the Cohen’s claims that the billionaire and his lawyer are talking about cash. Also, Davis added: Giuliani and trump are afraid that his client «will ever tell the truth.»

The events of recent weeks clearly indicate that Cohen is open to cooperation with the U.S. attorney’s office.