Putin is ready to go to Washington and invited trump to Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was ready to further summits in Washington and Moscow, but it is necessary to create the right conditions.

«We are ready for such meetings, we are ready to invite the President of the trump in Moscow. He’s already got the invitation and I told him about it,» — said Putin at the BRICS summit in Johannesburg (South Africa).

«I understand that the President trump has a desire to hold further meetings, and I’m ready for them. But for this to be the appropriate conditions», — said the Russian leader during today’s speech.

The white house reacted promptly responded to the words of the Russian President. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders reported that Donald trump looks forward to his Russian counterpart in Washington and is ready to visit Moscow after receiving the official invitation.

This week the White house announced that the meeting in Washington could take place in early 2019. Advisor to the President for national security John Bolton said that trump wanted to meet with Putin on the completion of a «witch hunt» (that is, the investigation of Russian interference in the elections in 2016).

The last meeting between Putin and trump took place on 1 July in Helsinki. And although the leaders were happy both with the personal interview and the summit in General, Americans their leader, to put it mildly, disappointed. From both Democrats and fellow Republicans on the President’s barrage of criticism, mostly for his statement about «non-interference» of Russia. Later, trump said he just misspoke.