In the Capitol of the state instead of a portrait of trump appeared the image of Putin

In the state Capitol building Colorado instead of a portrait of President Donald trump suddenly appeared the image of another world leader – the head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin.

The incident occurred on Thursday, July 26. Putin’s portrait was on an easel near the wall, where there are only portraits of presidents of the United States, next to the image of its predecessor trump Barack Obama. According to local media, the perpetrator of this incident was the unknown good sense of humor.

Noticing the mistake, the guide of the Capitol immediately removed the image of the President of another country. But the Colorado Senator, Democrat Steve later in life managed to take a picture before an employee of the Capitol managed to do it. He later shared the photo with users of Twitter.

As seen in the Colorado State Capitol Hall of Presidential Portraits today…#putinpotus

— Steve Fenberg (@SteveFenberg) July 26, 2018

Later in life said Colorado Politics is that it was not in the building at the moment when the unknown «hoisted» the picture in the gallery of American presidents.

At the moment the position intended for a portrait of trump, is empty, because residents of the state has not made a single donation to collect the required amount of $10 million for 18 months of the President’s stay in office.

The leader of Colorado Citizens for Culture, which raises money Jay seller told 9NEWS that the order of the portraits of the previous presidents George Bush and Barack Obama the money was collected for 4 months.

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