The former head of the headquarters of the trump Manafort offered Klitschko after Euromaidan

A few months after the revolution of dignity by Paul Manafort, who will appear tomorrow, August 31, before the court on charges of money laundering, treason and the failure to explain the origin of their Ukrainian assets, offered the servants of the political consultant to the then candidate in mayors of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko.

Spectacular Robert Mueller presented the documents in the case of the former head of the election headquarters of the trump. They say that Manafort sent his assistant, the Russian citizen of Ukrainian origin Konstantin Kilimnik presentation and the plan for the first 100 days for mayor V. K. (By the way, Kilimnik was also charged with obstructing justice in the investigation of «Russian Affairs».)

According to the office of spectracolor, the cooperation of Manafort and Klitschko was supposed 2 stages:

  • the formation of the image, mostly through the media and social networks;
  • networking with European leaders.

Also, the consultant advised the current mayor of Kiev to toughen fines for Parking, to inspect the utilities, to fight the bureaucracy and move the city Council office tower.

Shortly after sending these recommendations Vitali Klitschko has really become the mayor. In turn, the mayor of Kiev has confirmed to BBC Newsthat he received an offer from Manafort, but their cooperation did not take place. According to Klitschko, his team is not interested in working with the American.

Office Mueller found information about the relationship of Manafort and other Ukrainian representatives. So, in 2005, the consultant recommended that the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, who was also a Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in any case not to bet on the leader , Viktor Yanukovych. According to Manafort, the reputation of politics was hopelessly corrupt.

And in April, the newspaper the Guardian raskryli conspiracy the former head of the headquarters of the trump and the former President of Ukraine: Manafort helped to organize a secret operation to strengthen the authority of Yanukovych and discredit his main opponent — Yulia Tymoshenko before the presidential election.