CNN: Conte is the most useful for each trump in Europe

Today, July 30, the entire political establishment of Europe is watching an important political event — the visit of the Prime Minister of Italy , Giuseppe Conte in the United States.

During a meeting in the oval office, the American leader praised the immigration policies of Italy.

«Italy has taken a very firm stance regarding the borders, the position adopted in a few countries, — said Donald trump. — Honestly, I think you are doing the right thing».

Also, the White house said that they will discuss the issues of trade, the army and the existing deficit between the two countries, which he hopes to fix.

The last time trump and Conte met in June at the G7 summit in Quebec, when the US President proposed to return to Russia in the «Big seven». As reported by CNN, today, Conte is the most useful for each trump in Europe.

The meeting comes amid ongoing trade negotiations of the «zero tariffs» between the US and the EU. The main possible stumbling block in conversation trump and Conte experts believe the defence spending of NATO. The US President has called on allies in NATO to increase their contributions, while for Italy this can be a problem.

But at a joint press conference, Conte said that he shared the President calls for trump to a redistribution of costs. The Prime Minister added that he is «the bearer of this message» to Europe.