The NRA says that she ran out of money and blames Cuomo

National rifle Association of the USA (National Rifle Association of America — NRA) said in its lawsuit filed in late July in U.S. district court that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The Association argued that, due to the ongoing litigation with the Governor of new York Andrew Cuomo, she in the near future «there will be no funds for existence».

According to the NRA, she no longer has access to financial services that are critical for the activities of the Association, and the loss of insurance was the cause «irreparable damage».

Without insurance, said in a court document, «the NRA will not be able to serve their premises, to arrange special meetings and events, manage educational programs, <…> to hold rallies, meetings and fees». Besides, rifle Association warned that soon this can be closed channel NRATV, and stop its print edition and magazines.

Specific numbers, evidence of financial distress, the NRA does not name, but according to the latest published information in 2016 the organization overdrawn about $ 46 million.

The legal complaint is in addition to the NRA may claim against Governor Cuomo. The litigation began after authorities in new York have been taken, to stop the sale of illegal insurance of the NRA — Carry Guard, and its insurers, was fined $ 7 million

But, believe representatives of the NRA, new York were not satisfied with this, and advocated a complete cessation of cooperation with the bankers Association started the «unjust» campaign of «Black list«. The NRA advocates the court noted that the authorities of new York «abuse» trying «to silence one of the old defenders of the constitutional rights of America.»

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In turn, Cuomo said Friday that the state would file a motion to have the NRA lawsuit dismissed, and added that the Association will not intimidate anyone «his unwarranted judicial process.»

«The NRA may purchase and Finance Donald trump and Washington, but in new York we listen to voices across the country who are calling to make the lives of the citizens safe. While the NRA tries to pretend to be a victim, new York remains on the side of the real victims, the thousands of people whose lives are interrupted by weapons every year.»

Earlier we wrote that the NRA will no longer inform tax office about their benefactors.