Rick gates admitted that he lied at the request of Manafort and robbed the boss

Businessman and lobbyist, Rick gates, the right hand on the Floor of Manafort, gave new evidence to his boss. In recognition of the gates, he for many years at the request of the Manafort concealed information about the financial machinations of their firms, and in addition, was robbed of the chef.

The first hour of testimony in Federal court of Alexandria (Virginia) demonstrated willingness of the defendant to cooperate with the investigation. Gates listed a number of companies, involved in illegal financial activity, by the withdrawal of funds to Cyprus, and then to the Caribbean. Also the case has been enriched with new information on cooperation with Russian businessmen lobbying for political forces in Ukraine and participation in the election campaign of Donald trump.

Gates said that in total he and Manafort was 15 companies with irregular income, which are declared as loans, thereby reducing tax payments. In addition, gates has created several companies through which he robbed his boss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The defendant said that bofa larger part of the blame lies on Manaforce. Lawyers recently, trying to prove the opposite.