New sanctions against Russia: the fall of the ruble and possible cancellation of flights of «Aeroflot» in the USA

The Kremlin said that the new US sanctions are «unfriendly and contrary to the constructive atmosphere of the meeting Donald trump and Vladimir Putin in Helsinki.»

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova said that Moscow will start to work on responses «in the same spirit as any limitations on the United States.»

Yesterday, August 8, the US state Department took decision about introduction of new sanctions against Russia due to cases of poisoning Skrobala in the UK. The decision will come into force on August 22. The sanctions relate to the prohibition on the export to Russia of goods that may be linked to national security.

There is in the decision of the state Department are another item that can be «selectively-activated» after 90 days if Moscow does not provide reliable assurance that more will not use chemical weapons.

This item is potentially more serious, because under the law, it can include changes in diplomatic relations and the suspension of flights «Aeroflot» in the United States and the cessation of almost all exports and imports.

The message of the state Department about sanctions has already affected the exchange rate of the ruble, which fell more than 1% against the dollar, reaching a two-year low.