From October, people from some States in the US will need passports for travel inside the country

For travel, as you know, requires 3 key components: time, money and the right documents. «But what is this journey if I’m just going to visit relatives in another state?» — you will object. Explain: from October 2018 the purpose and trip distance beginning will not matter if you are going to cross the border. Permanent residents of the United States, some States will have to present it at the airport a valid passport, even by domestic flights. No matter whether you want to visit one of the most beautiful national parks of the United States or fly to a fun weekend in Vegas.

A bit of history

13 years ago, in 2005, the US adopted a law on REAL ID, stating necessary lead to a common safety standard all identity documents issued by the authorities of each state. Thus it was possible to guarantee the necessary level of reliability of the documents. Each state received for the project period of 10 years, and for half the term has been extended. What does it mean? If your staff doesn’t have time for 13 years to give personal identity (rights, for example) to a shared single standard, 10 October 2018 they will no longer be accepted as proof of identity document in any airport in the country. Even for domestic flights.

Attention! This only applies to travel by plane. If you want to go to another part of the United States by bus or train, you will be quite enough to show issued by the local authorities documents. If your staff was given a reprieve in the works for the unification of all personal identity, to renew such a document or not will decide the Secretariat of national security (The Secretary of Homeland Security). But maybe easier to make a passport, while there is time?

From October, people from some States in the US will need passports for travel inside the country

What if the state in which I live got a reprieve (extended), if the status of the documents considered (pending) or if the local ID does not meet the requirements of national security?

If your state is not colored green, then today the local ID is still not brought to the same state pattern. The best solution in this situation would be to proceed immediately to the registration for yourself and members of your family passport, even if you intend to travel only within the country. This process will take time, for issue of checking the correctness of tax payments (in the case of debt passport can not give). It is now possible to order a passport in size and 52 pages. So that you can absolutely safely plan trips on the weekend to relatives and to the Caribbean. Space in the passport will suffice for many years.

How to get a passport?

There are 2 ways to obtain a passport:

  • To apply by mail;
  • To place an order for the passport in person.
  • If you are applying for a passport, you must apply in person. If you already had a passport but it is expired, then you can send the application by mail. In any case, if you choose the second method, please read carefully all the requirements that you should follow in this case

    For registration of the passport will need to fill out some forms, which may differ depending on method of application. In addition, you will need proof of US citizenship, current ID card and photocopy of identity card. If you are applying for a second passport, you are required to attach a copy of the old document for travel. For passport will be charged.

    Where to apply

    Place apply for a passport depends on how much time you have for making this document. If prior to the scheduled trip less than a month, then you should contact the Agency for the issuance of passports or the issuing of passports. If you do not need a visa, you should apply 2 weeks, if necessary – for four weeks. You will need documents confirming the passport – vouchers for hotels and tickets that you purchased for the trip.

    To choose the center and make an appointment online.

    If you travel from 4 to 8 weeks, you don’t need to argue the reason for the need of issue. Should contact the Passport Service (the Passport Acceptance Facility).

    What form to fill

    Unfortunately, today there is no possibility to fill out a form for a passport online. If you can’t decide what form to fill in, use this.

    There are several forms depending on the personal circumstances of the applicant:

    • If you apply personally — DS-11;
    • If you are applying by mail (for a second passport) DS-82;
    • If you are applying in connection with the necessity of making corrections, name changes, etc. — DS-5504.

    Other forms.

    The fee for a passport

    A single collection no, the amount depends on the type of the received document and the feeding method.

    For those who are applying for the first time (over 16 years):

    • Passport in form of a book: $110 — when applying, the $35 upon receipt;
    • Passport in the form of maps: $30 — when applying, the $35 upon receipt;
    • Both formats: $140 — when applying, the $35 upon receipt.

    For those who submit documents again (over 16 years):

    • Passport in form of a book: $110 — when receiving;
    • Passport in the form of maps: $30 — while getting;
    • Both formats: $140 — upon receipt.

    Other charges.

    If I own the extended license on driving (Enhanced Driver’s License) issued by the authorities of my state, can I use this document for trips to the United States?

    Yes, that will be enough. License to drive (Enhanced Driver’s License) issued by the state authorities confirm not only the identity of the owner, but also US citizenship. With this license you can travel even to Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean Islands. The fact that such a document is soldered a chip RFID (radio frequency identification) and bar code. If you happen to live in Michigan, Minnesota, new York, Vermont or Washington, you have the opportunity to obtain such a license, as their is issued only in those States.

    I refuse to travel unless I will not provide ID necessary level of security?

    Yes, you will be denied boarding if you fail to provide any other documents proving your identity issued in accordance with the requirements of the REAL ID act. These documents include:

    • U.S. passport;
    • Card passport;
    • Cards travelers DHS (Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST);
    • Identification number of the U.S. Department of defense;
    • Card permanent resident;
    • Map for crossing the border;
    • Enhanced driver’s licence;
    • Card PSP HSPD-12;
    • Passport of a foreign state;
    • ID transport the employee;
    • The identity of the U.S. trade representative.

    Does the requirement for a minor?

    No, children under 18 years are not required to have documents confirming their identity as they travel accompanied by their parents in the United States.