The ex-assistant of trump, called him mentally ill, he recorded conversations in the White house

In the near future, the presidential administration may once again be in the center of the scandal. 14 Aug in sale the book «Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House» («Unstable: the story of an insider about the White house if trump») ex-employee of the White house Omarosa Newman.

10 years of Omarosa Newman was one of the closest allies of the businessman, and nowadays the President of the United States Donald trump. Now her position has changed dramatically. Newman openly called his former boss a mentally ill person, stating that I would never again work in the current White house administration.

However, the essence of the scandal in the other. It turned out that the ex-assistant of trump recorded confidential conversations of senior officials. Now we know of at least one entry made at the time of dismissal Newman in the situation room. Usually people entering this room, leave the outside of any electronic devices. The published text can clearly hear the voice of the chief of staff of the White house of John Kelly, who puts Omarosa before the fact of dismissal.

According to a former colleague of trump’s, the team President, «where everyone lies, you need to cover the back.» Meanwhile experts have said that making such recordings, and especially to publish them in the media — is illegal, even if they show the worst side of the President’s administration. The very fact of secret recording says not in favor of Omarosa Newman.

Several high-ranking Republicans believe that the former official should trial for their actions. According to Ronny McDaniel, record conversations in the situation room was «wildly inappropriate» and should be regarded as a threat to national security.

Donald trump, who in December wished dismissed Newman’s «good day«, thanking her for the work done, also revised their attitude to it. When the network appeared the first excerpts from her book, the American leader called the former assistant «a jerk«, and press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders stated that this material is «saturated with lies and false accusations«.

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