In the United States is prepared to impose sanctions against gas pipeline «Nord stream-2»

The American media became aware that the U.S. government is hard at work on a new package of sanctions, which will affect the project «Nord stream-2«. It is expected that the document will be ready in a few weeks.

According to information provided by the popular publication the Wall Street Journal, preparation of sanctions is engaged in the administration of Donald trump, together with representatives of the US State Department. Now the authorities are trying to solve the issue is to introduce a restriction solely against the companies engaged in laying of pipes in the Baltic sea, or to expand them to banks and businesses that Finance the pipeline.

The White house declined to comment on the situation concerning this bill. However, insiders claim that before announcing the sanctions, the U.S. government would report to the leadership of the European Union. A year ago, the U.S. Congress gave the right to President Trump to introduce restrictive measures against natural and legal persons involved in the project «Northern stream-2». In Germany, in turn, believe that the American leader opposes the construction of the pipeline because of the desire to establish a supply of liquefied gas to Europe.

Angela Merkel met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Among the topics that were discussed during the negotiations were the question of the»Nord stream-2″. The German Chancellor said that Russia needs to ensure the continued transit of gas through Ukraine. Putin claimed he did not intend to use the new pipeline as a lever of political pressure.

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