Trump not coming to McCain in the last journey

Service John McCain United States began over 60 years ago at the naval Academy in Annapolis (MD) and over there in the cemetery overlooking the river Severn. Recall, the 81-year-old Senator from Arizona, died on Saturday, August 25, from brain cancer.

To pay tribute to the outstanding Republican will be for weeks. Wednesday, August 29, a farewell ceremony will be held with McCain in the Capitol of Arizona. On Friday, August 31, in the Capitol of Washington (D. C.).

On Saturday, September 1 farewell procession will proceed through the Vietnam veterans memorial and then to the Washington national Cathedral. It is expected that the memorial will deliver the 43rd and 44th US presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

The funeral of the Senator is scheduled for Sunday, September 2. John McCain will be at peace in the cemetery of the naval Academy in Maryland, next to a classmate and longtime friend Chuck Larson, and wanted the Senator.

Trump not coming to McCain in the last journeyJohn McCain. Source: Flickr

It is known that Donald trump at the request of the deceased’s family not to be in any of the ceremonies. The White house «will replace» Vice-President Mike Pence.

The trump expressed Twitter condolences to the family of McCain. First lady Melania — also in the microblog — thanked senators for their service to the country.

McCain «was a true American hero», «he devoted his entire life to his country,» wrote in English on Twitter, President of France Emmanuel macron. And German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called the Senator «a tireless fighter for a strong transatlantic Alliance».

The son and grandson of admirals, John McCain followed in their footsteps — he graduated from the naval Academy USA. During the Vietnam war, his plane was shot down, and the military held in captivity for more than 5 years.

In 1986, McCain became a Senator and, being repeatedly re-elected, remained in public service until the end of his days.