The Russian opposition will carry the coffin of McCain after the Senator

The last way John McCain will hold Vladimir Kara-Murza Jr., — coordinator of public organization «Open Russia» and the head of Fund of Boris Nemtsov.

According to the directions which the Senator left about his funeral, his coffin would suffer: the former defense Secretary William Cohen, former us Vice-President Joe Biden, actor Warren Beatty, a former Senator from the Democratic party, Russ Feingold and the Russian oppositionist Vladimir Kara-Murza.

Politico reporter Josh Meyer believes that McCain chose to participate in the funeral procession of the Russians, who twice tried to poison, to leave a last message to his two main opponents — Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.

McCain and Kara-Murza over 7 years, supported each other in confronting the politics of modern Russia. In April 2017, their friend gave Kara-Murza personal message from McCain.

«At that moment I was speechless and was grief-stricken, almost to tears, said Kara-Murza Politico. — I said, «Yes, of course» — and that this is the heartbreaking honor you can imagine.»

John McCain in 2013 with friends Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Kara-Murza who testified to Congress on «Russia’s Dangerous Slide Backwards & Deteriorating Human Rights Situation.» This was a warning. 2014: Putin invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea; 2015: Nemtsov killed; 2016: aided Trump.

— 🗽 Paula Chertok (@PaulaChertok) August 26, 2018

«We all knew this day would come, but hoped not so soon, — wrote the Russian politician about the death of McCain on Monday, August 27, in the Washington Post. — He was a true leader and good friend, and that I knew him, will always be one of the biggest blessings in my life.»

«Vladimir is a brave, outspoken and tireless advocate of freedom and democracy in Russia. And, as it happened to other critics of Putin, Vladimir was poisoned for intimidation or worse,» said McCain, when Kara-Murza for the first time was poisoned by an unknown substance, after which he suffered multiple organ failure, went into a coma and almost died.

Kara-Murza was in rehab in the US, but after a few months returned to Moscow. In 2017 the Russian opposition also helped McCain and other lawmakers to create a bill to rename the square in front of the Russian Embassy in Washington in honor of Boris Nemtsov.

«For me, it has nothing to do with politics, it’s very personal,’ said Kara-Murza Politico on the question of whether its McCain to «annoy» Putin and Trump. — He was not a politician. He was a statesman — life.»