The United States accused Russia of aggressive pressure on Ukraine in the Azov sea

The U.S. Department of state on August 30 issued a statement condemning the aggressive behavior of the Russian Federation in the Azov sea and Kerch Strait. The government of the United States of America believes that in this way the Russian leadership is trying to destabilize economic and political situation in Ukraine.

According to the published statement, from April 2018 Russia strongly impeded the implementation of international traffic in the Kerch Strait and the Azov sea. As a reason to ban the passage of ships in the direction of Ukraine used the flimsy limitations on size of vessels. The Russian Federation has set the rules unilaterally.

«Russia’s actions preventing marine transit, are another example of its campaign to undermine and destabilize the Ukraine and its disregard of international norms. We call on Russia to stop the persecution of international traffic in the Azov sea and the Kerch Strait,» — said the U.S. state Department.

In 2016, the Russian Federation began the illegal construction of the bridge, which would connect the annexed Peninsula of Crimea with the Krasnodar territory. This decision has triggered a tightening of sanctions against that state.

The bridge was commissioned in may of this year after construction was completed on the automotive part of the project. Later Russia began to detain Ukrainian and international court of justice, arguing that the inadequate size of the ships. Moreover, their crews are repeatedly subjected to interrogation and searches. For the past 3 months was detained 148 ships.

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