«We have become better due to the fact that he was among us» | the Parting with John McCain

September 1, Saturday, at the Washington Cathedral held a memorial service for the Arizona Senator and war hero John McCain, who died last week at the age of 81 years.

«We have become better due to the fact that he was among us» | the Parting with John McCain
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McCain, who fought brain cancer with the 2017-wow, personally, spent most of the preparations for the ceremony: including referring to the former heads of the USA George Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama with a request to speak during the service.

Both politicians were opponents of the Senator in the elections in 2001 and 2008 respectively, but when McCain recalled his first as a patriot of his country and a reliable friend.

George Bush Jr.

“He was honest. No matter whom it offended. Presidents were not spared. [And] he respected the dignity inherent in every life. A dignity that does not stop at borders and cannot be erased by dictators,” George W. Bush said of John McCain. https://t.co/IaAu83TFKQ pic.twitter.com/Bi5OOGIMTx

— POLITICO (@politico) September 1, 2018

Bush almost lost to McCain in the primaries in 2000, said that after «the rivalry has receded into the background», he got «the greatest of gifts in this world — friendship of John McCain».

«I’m gonna miss her,» added the former President.

  • «First and foremost, John was a man with principles. He followed the laws of honour, which gave force and meaning of his life.»
  • He was courageous is scared of his tormentors and inspired his countrymen».
  • «In his generosity he never forgot that his opponents are still the patriots and the people. He respected the value of every life is a value which will not destroy neither borders nor dictators».
  • «John could not bear the abuse of power. He did not tolerate bullies and death eaters themselves of despots. Deep in his heart there was always something, which he just could not give a weak offense — and therefore have I spoken for those from whom all turned away.»
  • «For him, our country was not just a point on the map or the embodiment of power, but a source of undying hopes and dreams. The defender of the oppressed. The guardian of the world. A promise is steadfast and unparalleled».
  • «He probably wouldn’t want to keep grieving. We are better because he was among us and without him the world has become smaller. We will remember him as he was unwavering and unparalleled».

Barack Obama

Barack Obama says the best way to honor John McCain is «recognizing that there are some things bigger than party or ambition or money or fame or power» pic.twitter.com/S2QpUqjacU

— CBS News (@CBSNews) September 1, 2018

In many respects the former President and his opponent from the Republican party in the 2008 election did not agree. And yet, Obama said during a speech, «despite differences and years of debate», he «has never concealed its long-standing respect» for McCain.

«I think John knew it».

  • «He made us better as presidents. He did better in the Senate, he did better country. If someone like John asks you to give a speech when he was gone, is an incomparable, one-of-a-kind honor.»
  • «John believed in a fair fight and was always ready to listen to someone else’s opinion. He knew that, if we’re going to distort the truth for political or partisan gain, our democracy will come to an end.»
  • «As John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, he knew the greatness of our country is that we become part of it not because of his origin, name or face. It is not where our parents and their parents, not how long they are. A question of loyalty to the General principles: we are all equal and endowed by the Creator next to the inviolable right.»
  • «We [John] believed their political conflicts, the privilege, the opportunity to serve values of our state and do everything possible to help the world. We believed this country — a place where everything is possible, and its citizenship is a guarantee that it will always be».
  • «The best way to honor his memory is to remember that there are things more important than party, ambitions, money, fame and power. That there are things worth risking everything for. The principles that are timeless. Truth that is unchangeable».

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain: «The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great.» #McCainFuneral pic.twitter.com/hDtGkmpZ4p

— Steven Romo (@StevenABC13) September 1, 2018

Still, the most emotional speech was made by Megan, the eldest of four children of Senator and his second wife Cindy — McCain remembered as a loving father, a patriot and a man whose America «has always been great.»

«My father was a great man, a great warrior and a great American, she said. — I admired him for it — but loved for what he was a great father.»

  • «We are here to mourn the death of a great American. Really great — have nothing to do with cheap rhetoric of people who are not able to even imagine the sacrifices he was willing. Privileged opportunists, who lived in comfort and wealth while he served and suffered. The flame was huge and burning bright».
  • «John McCain is not determined by the prison service in the Navy or in the Senate. It did not define the Republican party and is not determined none of the deeds for his extraordinary life. John McCain’s determined love.»
  • «He understood that our country requires responsibility before the protection of their rights. He knew to draw the line between good and bad is often hard, but always just. He felt that our goal in missionary duty, originating centuries ago. The first Americans found a new world and the prospects for the creation of a free, independent state. The duty of their descendants — to protect the world from the worst of himself.»
  • «America is John McCain a generous, hospitable and brave. She is resourceful, determined and reliable. She was responsible for. She says quietly, because it is aware of its strength. America doesn’t brag, because it is not necessary. America, John McCain does not need to do great again — because America has always been great.»
  • «Good to know that we are Americans. We are not putting our heroes on pedestals just to remember them, we celebrate them because they want to inherit their benefactors. So we honor, and we will honor you.»

Some more facts

Renée Fleming delivers a haunting rendition of ‘Danny Boy’ in farewell to John McCain:

«And if you come when all the flowers are dying
And I am dead, as dead I well may be
You’ll come and find the place where I am lying
And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.» pic.twitter.com/h5wwWqzQaM

— MSNBC (@MSNBC) September 1, 2018

  • During the service, were Opera singer Renee Fleming with the ballad Danny Boy, the favorite song of Senator, which he allegedly asked to perform.
  • Although President trump was not invited to the ceremony, attended by his daughter Ivanka with husband Jared Kushner.
  • Among those present at the service were: former Vice-President and a close friend of McCain, Joe Biden, former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg, actor Warren Beatty, ex-Supreme court justice Anthony M. Kennedy, former Vice President al Gore, former Secretary of state Henry Kissinger, Senator from Connecticut Joe Lieberman, Senator Lindsey Graham, the majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell and the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan.
  • The service lasted 2 hours and 35 minutes. The Senator’s funeral will be private and will be held on Sunday, September 2, at the U. S. Naval Academy in Annapolis Cemetry.
  • McCain will be buried next to his colleague and friend, Admiral Charles R. Larson.

«We have become better due to the fact that he was among us» | the Parting with John McCain
Department of Defense


«We are not hiding from history. We are creating». Parting words of John McCain.

John McCain died in the family circle August 25 — after years of struggle with brain cancer and just four days before his 82 birthday.

27 Aug Rick Davis, former Manager of the presidential campaign of the Senator, read his farewell words at a press conference in the Capitol of Arizona.