In the United States believe that the Golan heights will forever remain Israeli territory

The Ambassador of the United States of America David Friedman expressed the view that his country may consider the possibility of official recognition of the Golan heights, territory that belongs to Israel. According to the diplomat, now there is every reason to believe that this plateau will forever remain a Jewish and democratic state.

An interview with David Friedman published on Thursday, September 6. In it the representative of the diplomatic mission said that in the future the question of securing the Golan heights for Israel should be considered.

«Personally, I can’t imagine the circumstances under which the Golan heights be returned to Syria. To be honest, I can’t imagine a situation in which the Golan heights will remain part of Israel forever,» – said in an interview with Freedman.

In the United States believe that the Golan heights will forever remain Israeli territory
David Friedman has expressed the view that the U.S. can officially recognize the Golan as Israeli territory. Photo: depositphotos

According to experts, such statements indicate full support for Israel by the United States of America. The words of a diplomat, is likely to mean that soon the US will make another step towards the government of Benjamin Netanyahu. The official recognition of Israel’s strategic plateau captured from Syria will be a major milestone for this state.

David Friedman also mentioned the current Syrian President in an interview. The diplomat believes that Bashar al-Assad does not deserve such remuneration as control over the Golan heights. Its aggressive policy directed against its own population, violating not only international law, but common human values.

The Golan heights from 1944 to 1967 was part of Syria. However, during the six day war, Israeli forces captured the territory. In 1981 the Knesset passed a law according to which plateau unilaterally recognized part of the Jewish democratic state. However, this act has not received international support, and no country has recognized the territory of Israel.

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