Russia has warned about readiness to attack the base with U.S. troops in Syria (source)

Last week Russia warned the US that its forces are ready to strike at the places of deployment of American troops in Syria.

Information is not officially confirmed, reported CNN, citing several representatives of the Ministry of defense.

According to sources, Moscow has stated that in the area of the base At Tanf, where are the coalition forces led by the US, there are terrorists of «al-Qaeda» or LIH.

«We are advised to keep them away from the base, said CNN Pentagon spokesman. The United States does not seek to engage in battle with the Syrian government and those who supports him. However, if they attack, the United States would not hesitate to respond to protect American soldiers, coalition, or their Syrian allies.»

American troops protecting a 34-mile zone around the base have in the area right to «self-defence». If it strikes, response is they do not need to request permission from superior military authorities.

Yesterday, September 6, the US Treasury Department announced new sanctions against allies of President Bashar al-Assad amid threats of attacks on the province of Idlib.