The Russian media wrote that the US delegation acknowledged the referendum in the Crimea legitimate

According to «RIA Novosti», the organization «Center of civil initiatives» (CCISF) argues that the referendum in Crimea was legitimate and showed «the will of the people».

What happened

According to the head of non-governmental U.S. delegation Sylvia Demarest, she will tell his countrymen about the «real situation in the Crimea», about what they learned during the 3-day visit to the Peninsula. Public figure said that he doubted that «Crimea will ever become Ukrainian.»

Demarest also noted that she was able to draw conclusions about the legality of the annexation, because she has a law degree. In addition, the head of the delegation criticized the Ukrainian government, accusing it of violating human rights. The reason for this statement is the disconnection of electricity and water after the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to Russia.

Representatives of «Center of civil initiatives» arrived in Crimea on September 5 and was going to visit 3 cities: Simferopol, Yalta and Sevastopol.

What says Washington

At the moment, the official U.S. position remains the same: States do not recognize Crimea as Russian territory.

That says Kiev

Ukraine has already reacted to the offensive statement of the organization, which contradict the official position of America. In particular, the Deputy Minister of information policy of Ukraine Dmytro Zolotukhin hinted that the visit of the delegation were posing for a picture. He also noted that it will not change anything, except that «the Russian people will live better, will live better.»

And according to the coordinator of group «Information resistance» Dmitry Tymchuk, the situation is Moscow’s plan, which involved for the first time. «»The US delegation» is now clearly fulfills the Russian training manual with all the key words: «the people of the Crimea» (that is for the people?), «free will» and so on», — said Tymchuk. He also asked US to pay attention to the sources of funding of the organization.

Russian propagandists today in the morning started to disperse news reports that a «delegation from the United States» upheld…

Posted by Dmitry Tymchuk on Friday, September 7, 2018

What is CCISF

«Center of civil initiatives» was organized in 1980 and was aimed at the rapprochement between the USSR and the USA. After the collapse of the Soviet Union continued to lobby for the interests of Russia in America.