Prosecutors withdrew the charges Butinai in an attempt to position for sex

On Friday, September 7, prosecutors leading the case is 29-year-old Maria Butunoi, said they might «erroneously» interpreted the words from the correspondence of the Russians as the offer of sexual services in exchange for a post in the interest of her organization, the Washington Post reported.

Butinai lawyer Robert Driscoll said that «the government has enormous power to destroy lives and reputations through the criminal process,» and that he was pleased that the Prosecutor’s office acknowledged the «inaccuracy» of their claims.

However, the measure of restraint for the citizen of Russia, who was arrested in July this year, will not change because there is a risk of her escape from the country. The fact of close relations with the United States citizen («American No. 1») have not helped Butinai lawyers to seek her release on bail. The court did not consider this relationship a reliable guarantee of the appearance of the defendant at the next hearing. Moreover, the prosecution presented the court with additional evidence that the Deputy head of the Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin coordinated the activities of the arrested. Also, prosecutors said that from the moment of arrest Moscow repeatedly by their actions (visits of the Consul to prison, diplomatic appeals, personal complaints of the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in the name of Secretary Mike Pompeo, etc.) have confirmed the importance of Butynol for her.

Immediately after his arrest, prosecutors said that in consequence seized personal correspondence it was discovered that the Russian woman «at least once offered to the U.S. citizen sex in exchange for a position in the organization that it was particularly concerned». Then the lawyer Robert Driscoll challenged the accusations, calling a specific message with a joke between old friends. The name «old friend» in fact is not mentioned. We only know that he married and engaged in public relations in the Russian organization «Right to arms«, founded by Butinai.

Today Maria Butina pleaded not guilty in the implementation of espionage in favor of the Kremlin, and its defense continues to claim that she was just established relations with the Americans.