Trump and first lady honor those who died during 9/11 at the «Tower of voices» in Pennsylvania

President Donald trump and his wife Melania will be attending the event at Flight 93 National Memorial on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in Shanksville (PA), where fell one of the planes hijacked by members of the group «al-Qaeda».

About 3 thousand people killed on 11 September 2001 in the biggest tragedy of the modern history of the United States. That day the last fallen airliner was flight 93 United Airlines which was flying from Newark to San Francisco. He was still in the air when terrorists attacked the world trade center and the Pentagon.

Trump and first lady honor those who died during 9/11 at the «Tower of voices» in Pennsylvania
President trump with his wife in the Pentagon during the commemoration of the dead during 9/11

Thanks to the phone when flight attendants and passengers managed to know what happened, so they tried to prevent the invaders. They really managed to prevent the terrorists to carry out their plan, but their plane still crashed in Pennsylvania.

At the crash site to the 17-th anniversary, was erected a new monument — «Tower of voices» (Tower of Voices), which will come to honor the memory of the dead tramp and the first lady. The height of the memorial is 93 feet (28 m), since ‘ 93, the flight flew passengers on that tragic day. In the tower is installed 40 «wind chimes». Also symbolic is the voice of the 40 passengers and crew members, many of whom were called before the death of their loved ones after the plane was hijacked. It was later determined that the target was most likely the Capitol.

#NeverForget: The Tower of Voices at the Flight 93 National Memorial was dedicated Sunday ahead of the 17th anniversary of 9/11.

It honors the 40 passengers and crew who lost their lives that day after fighting back against terrorists who had hijacked their flight.

— WTAE-TV Pittsburgh (@WTAE) September 10, 2018

Last year, trump attended timed 9/11 event at the Pentagon, which killed almost 200 people in the crash of the third plane intercepted suicide bombers.

Earlier, the President said that he lost «hundreds of friends» during the attack, and also claimed that after the incident helped to clear the rubble.