Trump closes the office of the Palestine liberation Organization in the United States

Yesterday, September 10, the administration of President Donald trump announced the closure of the Washington office of the Palestine liberation Organization (PLO). Analysts say this is the last step in the pressure on the Palestinians to force them to sit at the negotiating table to resolve the situation in the middle East.

«The administration, trump would not keep the office open while the Palestinians refuse to take steps to start direct and constructive negotiations with Israel,» said national security adviser John Bolton.

Son of trump and his senior Advisor Jared Kushner should lead the negotiations on which insist the USA, as well as in the near future to propose a middle East peace agreement.

The Secretary-General of the Palestine liberation Organization Saeb Erekat condemned the move, calling it a continuation of the policy of «collective punishment» of the administration trump.

«These people decided to stand on the wrong side of history, defending war criminals and destroying the two-state solution,» said Erekat.

The United States last year threatened to close the PLO office in Washington after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged the international criminal court to prosecute Israel for alleged war crimes.

Despite the outrage of Palestinians over the past year, trump administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, transported there by the U.S. Embassy and cut funding Agency in charge of Palestinian refugees. And last week Washington has declared that will allocate $25 million to support hospitals in East Jerusalem.

The mission of the PLO all the time functions like an Embassy but not officially is Palestine because the US does not recognize the state.