The administration trump will limit the issuance of green cards to those who receive social assistance

On Saturday, September 22, the administration trump made an official statement: legal immigrants use social assistance — such as foodstamp or housing program Section 8 — can be denied a green card. Also, the innovation will affect older migrants, who are buying drugs at a discount under Medicare Part D.

As writes the New York Times, this move will affect millions of low-income migrants receiving state aid for food and housing. Immigrants will be forced to make a choice between benefits and a chance at a green card or citizenship.

According to a statement on the website of Department of homeland security, the immigration service shall classify the receipt of social assistance — when considering applications those who want to remain in the country legally and long — term basis- as a «negative factor».

Federal law has always maintained a policy under which newly arrived migrants was not to become a burden to the country and were able to sustain themselves financially. The administration believes that this change ensures compliance with this principle. The statement noted that the presence of public goods should not be an incentive for immigration to the country.

As stated in the White house, families receiving cash benefits in the amount of less than 15% of the official poverty level, will be the exception to the rule (enshrined in subsection Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds).

The new rule also will not apply to refugees or to those who filed for political asylum. Assistance to victims of natural disasters will not affect the process of obtaining citizenship or a green card.

Displaced persons suffering from serious diseases (mental disorders, heart disease and cancer) will have to prove that they are able to pay for medical care, without relying on subsidies.

First offer will be published on It will enter into force after a 60-day public comment and changes the rule from 1999 that restrict the issuance of green cards to immigrants who depend on cash benefits, but not taking into account the benefits for health and help is not of a financial nature.

The previous proposal was more stringent and included a limit on the issuance of green cards and citizenship for immigrants who used ObamaCare and tax benefits.

According to human rights activists, the innovation will primarily affect poor immigrants who will be forced to refuse to help for fear of deportation. In addition, according to the report, KFF Foundation, affected nearly 20 million children of migrant families.