Trump wants to make peace between Israel and Palestine before the completion of his presidential term

At the meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, the us leader said that the middle East conflict must be resolved through bilateral negotiations. According to Donald trump, only then can one expect peace in the region. This statement significantly clarified the position of Washington in relation to Israel and Palestine.

During a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, the US President said that the mutually beneficial transaction both parties have to make concessions. As an example he cited the situation with the transfer to Jerusalem of the U.S. Embassy. According to trump, is a serious step, and the Palestinians deserve a response, which will help to relieve stress.

«It is a great responsibility entrusted to them (Israel). We must make a fair deal. Contracts should be good for both sides. Otherwise, you have no agreement and a long — term deal,» said the President of the United States.

Donald trump also said that he was going in the coming months to present a plan to resolve the middle East conflict. The American leader is going to make a deal between Israel and Palestine to end the current presidential term.

«My dream is to make it to the end of my first term,» said Donald trump.

At the same time, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his country will sign the contract only if the so-called Palestinian state will cease to threaten national security. In his opinion, each side different vision of the situation, and importantly, on what way will their neighbors. This state will be more like Costa Rica or Iran — that’s the whole point of the question, said the Prime Minister of Israel.


USA will give Ukraine 2 boats during the escalation in the Azov sea

To patrol the waters in the sea of Azov, Ukraine has bought from the United States coast guard cutter, Island class, scrapped as part of the Pentagon’s realization of surplus military equipment.


The U.S. Department of state supported the granting of autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

On the website of the US State Department appeared the press release, which announced the official position of the authorities concerning the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.