«Very difficult vote» tomorrow, the Senate will decide the fate Cavanaugh

Today (October 5) morning, the Senate by a margin of 2 votes voted to end debate and move to approval of the notorious and scandalous Brett Cavanaugh to the post of member of the Supreme court of the United States.

Destiny Cavanaugh, charged with several rapes during the student parties will be decided tomorrow. Experts believe that his appointment depends mainly on four senators to keep the intrigue and not said his final decision: three Republicans – Susan Collins, Jeff Fleck, Lisa Murkowski and Democrat Joe Manchin.

Senator Murkowski, who told reporters that it was «the most difficult rating decision, which she ever had to do», today spoke out against Cavanaugh and Flack, in turn, declared that will support it.

Four hours later, Senator Collins voted for the approval of Cavanaugh and a few minutes after her statement, the representative of the Democratic party, Manchin also supported the judge. Thanks to their votes (51 to 49) just managed to collect the majority, thus ending the debate and giving the candidacy Cavanaugh for approval.

It is unclear whether the vote of these senators as well tomorrow. If the votes will still be split evenly (50: 50), then the solution in this case will remain Vice-President Mike Pence, who (easy to predict) will support the candidacy, proposed by President trump.

  • In late September, a psychology Professor Kristina Ford Cavanaugh accused of attempted rape in 1982-m to year. Then followed allegations of misconduct and indecent assault against the judges from the two women.
  • The Senate Committee appointed the hearing Cavanaugh, during which a senior official in tears, denied his guilt and stated that he never drank to unconsciousness. At the same time, his classmates claimed that he was often drunk at student parties.
  • Next, trump has ordered that the FBI investigated the case Cavanaugh and gave the Department a deadline of 5 October.
  • The day before the deadline in Washington a huge number of Protestants, mostly women, took to the streets to protest against the candidacy Cavanaugh. Police arrested about three hundred of them, including actress Amy Schumer and model Emily Ratajkowski.
  • The FBI gave the White house a report on the allegations Cavanaugh. According to Collins and Fleck, this report (the content of which is not disclosed) eased their fears.