Donald trump has promised to put an end to criminal chaos in Chicago

The President of the United States made a statement concerning the situation in one of the largest cities in the country — Chicago.

According to the politician, it is time to stop the criminal war and to bring the situation under control. The President proposed to expand the powers of local police to more effectively fight crime. For this trump instructed the Prosecutor General to «go to the great city of Chicago and to deal with the terrible wave of violence.»

About Donald trump said during his speech in Orlando (Florida). The U.S. leader did not specify the details of the plan, but noted that the Chicago police need help and support, and promised to change the situation for the better.

Donald trump has promised to put an end to criminal chaos in Chicago
In favor of austerity measures says the protracted criminal crisis. Photo: Depositphotos

Human rights organizations are reminded of the possible negative consequences of this decision. This is especially true of police and cases of abuse of power. Because only three days ago an officer from Chicago was convicted of the murder of black teenager.

Activists fear that in the city there are problems in the relationship of law enforcement with some groups of the population. In their opinion, the practice of «Stop and search» (Stop-and-frisk) that you intend to use in the region in past years has established itself negatively.

However, in favor of austerity measures says the protracted criminal crisis. In recent months, Chicago is drowning in violence. The main activity of bandits have weekend and night hours, and often the police do not catch the perpetrators of the crime.

For one weekend the bullets can hit more than 50 people, and some of them don’t even live to see next week. The Chicago police have already introduced reinforced patrols in the most dangerous areas. The city’s leadership, as President, declared intentions to rectify the situation.


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