On the road in new York appeared Billboard the GOP with the hammer and sickle

Be careful, especially on the freeway 690! After the appearance of the Billboard with the acronym GOP and Soviet symbols some drivers on the go wrap your head in disbelief.

On the Billboard, located on I-690 near State Fair Boulevard, every 20 seconds you can see the big letters GOP on a red background, but with the letter O are there visible symbols of the Soviet era.

GOP is a nickname for the Republican party, which stands for Grand Old Party (Grand old party). As it became known CNYCentral, with the sign there are two liberal political action Committee: Flip NY 24 and Mad Dog PAC.

«I saw it. It’s just absurd. I mean, we have to talk about issues and things that unite us and not what divides us,» commented Billboard member of the house of representatives John Katko.

The Committee Mad Dog PAC has posted the exact same billboards in five different States.

A new billboard in Grand Junction, CO is likening the Republican party to former Soviet Union.

The billboard created by local liberal blogger/author Anne Landman, reads, “GOP” but the Soviet hammer & sickle replaced the O. The sign is also in red/gold, trademark communist nation. pic.twitter.com/q8swj6S4Cx

— Debbie (@Dangchick1) July 29, 2018

In July, immediately after the summit, trump and Putin in Helsinki this sign with the symbol of communism appeared in Colorado. Then 61-year-old activist and blogger Anne Landman with prior authorization from Mad Dog Pac to use the image, said that she rented a Billboard. So the woman wanted to show their disappointment in the policy of trump, concerning its position in relation to Russia, immigration and tariffs.

«I think the Billboard really struck people, — said Landman in an interview with USA TODAY. Even Republicans got in touch with me by email to say that they are outraged by this administration and no longer want to belong to that party.»