Putin asked Bolton, pecked or American eagle all the olives on the arms of the United States

Today, 23 October, Vladimir Putin at a meeting with US presidential Advisor for national security John Bolton gave its own interpretation of American national symbols.

In the presence of representatives of both countries, the President of Russia mentioned that the coat of arms depicts the US eagle, holding in the paws an olive branch and arrows. Putin asked with a smile: «Your eagle all the olives already ate, left some arrows?»

Bolton responded that «olive branch», he did not bring with him. «I thought so,» retorted Putin, prompting laughter of the participants of the delegations.

Assistant trump added that the eagle is not just holding branch in right paw — so he «demonstrates his priorities.»

At the meeting the Russian leader also touched upon the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty (on nuclear disarmament) and the gap and other international agreements. In this context, the Russian President invited John Bolton to discuss strategic stability, disarmament, and regional conflicts.

Besides, Vladimir Putin has declared readiness to continue the dialogue personally with the President of the United States. He offered to meet with Donald trump on November 11 in Paris, where the two leaders invited to the event, the 100th anniversary of the First world war. Bolton stressed that trump is willing to meet with his Russian counterpart to search for «points of contact».

The last meeting of leaders was held in July in Helsinki. After the summit, politicians in both parties, as well as celebrities criticized trump for expressing doubts about Moscow’s engagement in the presidential elections in the United States.