Donald trump and Melania held a Halloween party for children at the White house (video)

At the White house Halloween has already begun.

In the evening on Sunday, 28 October, President Donald trump and the first lady Melania trump has held a Halloween event at the White house.

It is known that tickets for the «presidential Halloween» was distributed by the Department of education and the military office of the White house (White House Military Office).

The President and the first lady handed out candy to children, while the orchestra of the US air force played traditional Halloween-themed songs and well-known contemporary music, for example, the main melody from «Harry Potter».

The white house especially decorated for the feast of fall foliage and, of course, pumpkins.

In addition to treats for children, and has prepared other surprises. So, NASA organized a «lunar surface» on the front lawn of the residence of the President. Was made and a maze from bales of hay. The various departments presented their vehicles that could climb the kids.

And the Secret service drove to the White house a «monster» (the beast) — armored presidential limousine, which made an impression not only on children but also on adults.