Trump would reconsider the exclusion of contraceptives from health insurance

A year after the abolition of the rules of ObamaCare that would have required employers to include in health insurance for women cover the cost of contraceptives, the administration wants trump to reconsider its decision.

According to the publication New York Times (NYT), citing high-ranking sources in the White house, after several setbacks in court, the administration intends to revise the rules that allow employers, including colleges, universities and insurance companies to refuse to provide free contraceptives if it is contrary to their moral or religious beliefs.

According to information obtained from officials in the residence I hope that changes, details of which remain unclear, will overcome the objections of judges without a fundamental change in the purpose or effects of rules.

As the NYT notes, the polls show that the benefits associated with birth control provided by the Obama administration in accordance with the law on affordable care at the moment, is still relevant.

Opponents of the original rules, issued in October last year, promised to continue the fight.

«Our determination to protect women’s access to basic health services, including birth control, has not changed and will not falter», said today (October 31) Xavier Becerra, the attorney General of California. This state with the PA appealed to the court about the government’s decision to abolish the rules on ObamaCare contraception.

The lawsuit, filed in California, also joined the Delaware, Maryland, new York and Virginia. Both decisions were made not in favor of the administration trump.

Trump ready to cancel US citizenship by birth

According to excerpts from an interview published Axios, the US President plans to sign a decree on the abolition of granting citizenship to children of non-citizens and illegal immigrants born on U.S. soil.