Kanye West leaving politics: «I used»

Popular rap artist Kanye West has contacted TMZ to report the final retirement from politics. According to wife Kim Kardashian, it was used to spread political messages, but now it’s over.

West has repeatedly met with President trump and even spoke in his support after the election.

«My eyes are now wide open, I realized that I used to spread ideas, I don’t believe in. I retire from politics and focus too much on the creative process,» — wrote the singer on Twitter.

In its decision, the West accused the activist Candace Owens, known for extremely conservative views.

«I told Candace the person who made the logo. They didn’t want their name on it, so she used mine. I never wanted to get involved with «Blaxican» (movement for the withdrawal of African Americans from the Democratic party of the United States. — USA.one), I do not have any relation to it», — said West.

Previously, Owens stated that the logo and colors of «Blacksite» developed her «dear friend and colleague-superhero — Kanye West».

In reference to TMZ, the musician thanked his family and the community for supporting his «real beliefs» and «in theandBarcelona the best in the world.» At the end of the conversation, West added that he supports the laws of common sense.

Previously, West has stated that he intends to run for President in 2020. After the last meeting the rapper and trump at the White house where they discussed trade, prison reform, prevention of violence in gangs and reduction of violence in Chicago, many colleagues criticized the West.

And a few days later the rapper and actor T. I. has posted a video where a model very similar to Melania trump, performs Striptease for him, signing it: «I’m not Kanye.»