The woman admitted that she lied, accusing Brett Cavanaugh sexual harassment

The Senate judiciary Committee came to the conclusion that the woman who claimed that he is the author of an anonymous letter which said the sexual assault of judge Brett kavanaugh, «fabricated» the charges.

Anonymous, undated letter was received in September, Senator Kamala Harris and published on the website of the Committee on 26 September. It came from the name of the woman who wrote that the judge and his friend raped her in the car, Cavanaugh. However, she did not specify when exactly the incident occurred. Later it was reported that the author of the letter is a kind of Judy Munro-Leighton.

In the investigation of the sex scandal investigators found Munro-Leighton. According to them, the woman was «left activist», which is «tens years older than judge Cavanaugh».

During interrogation, Munro-Leighton admitted that he never met with Cavanaugh, as well as «not sexually assaulted» by the judges, and was not the author of the original letter.

According to the woman, several times the speakers against the nomination of Cavanaugh to the Supreme court, she «just wanted to attract attention», and her actions were «just a trick».

«I got angry and sent him (a letter –,» said Munro-Leighton investigators.

The incident resulted in the Chairman of the Senate judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley urged the FBI Director Christopher ray and attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions to treat the matter «very carefully», but added that bogus assertion Munro-Leighton should not affect the treatment of allegations from other women.

During a meeting of the Senate Committee on business Cavanaugh many people shared their memories about the past judges. In addition to the accusations of several women of sexual harassment, his classmates also noted that Cavanaugh gave false testimony, saying that in his student years he had problems with alcohol.

The Brooklyn witch was going to curse Cavanaugh

The occult book shop in Bushwick (Brooklyn) has scheduled a public magic event, where participants will cast a curse on nowodworskiego Supreme court justice, USA Brett Cavanaugh.