More than 1,600 scientists condemned the proposal by trump about defining gender by biological characteristics

An open letter condemning the administration’s offer to trump on how to determine the sex at birth by the genitals and could not be change, signed 1642 scientists, including nine Nobel laureates.

Last week the news of the White house on the legal definition of sex, which would be based on scientific arguments, first appeared on the pages of the New York Times. And although official confirmation is still there, more than 50 companies, including Apple, Google and Facebook, have already condemned the possible offer. Now they were joined by scholars, among which 700 biologists, more than 100 geneticists, and holders of the Nobel prize Craig Mello, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Dudley Hersbach and others.

«Although scientists are only beginning to understand the biological basis of gender identity, it is clear that many factors, known and unknown, and govern the complex relationships between identity, genes, and anatomy», — said in the letter that references 10 various research studies.

The document also States that 1 out of 2000 children in the United States is born with so-called intersex characteristics. According to reports, 1.4 million adult Americans identificeret themselves as transgender, meaning that their gender identity does not match the sex that they had at birth.

The letter explained that no scientific test could not «definitely determine the sex».

«As a transsexual woman and as a scientist [can say that] this is, in fact, is an attack on my human nature, my ability to exist in the world,’ said Mika Longing, associate Professor of climatology in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This is really important, so we can collect as many scientists as possible to say that scientists will not be complicit in promoting this erroneous and unscientific attempt.»