Student collected donations, inventing the story that she was kicked out of the house for supporting trump

A girl named Kuran studying painting at Howard University, admitted that the viral story she had spread on Twitter about what parents kicked her out of the house because of the support of trump, was a lie.

«I’m not going to hide the left made us feel that we black Republicans have to hide! But this will never do!» — wrote the Kuran on Twitter on October 27, enclosing his photograph in a red hat with the famous slogan: «Make America great again».

I will not hide any longer, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! #BlacksForTrump #WalkAway #maga

— reformed republican (@chckpeas) October 27, 2018

Thanks to hastega «#BlacksForTrump» and «#MAGA» the girl almost instantly became an Internet celebrity.

Over the next few days, the Courant has updated its story. According to the student’s College, the parents saw her public statements and stopped giving her money and refused to pay for her tuition. To make ends meet, Kuran created a page on GoFundMe, collecting donations from newfound fans of the Republicans.

November 1, she wrote that «house getting worse and worse.» She put a screenshot of the alleged correspondence with his mother which indicated that she kicked out for their political views.

this morning is getting worse and worse

— reformed republican (@chckpeas) November 1, 2018

Three hours later, Kuran admitted that he completely fabricated the entire story, including text messages. In an interview with New York magazine the girl stated that just decided to «benefit» from the last efforts of the Republicans, who are trying to get rid of the reputation that they are «most racist».

The Quran also told the magazine that he had returned all the donated money, and, she estimates, about $200. (Raw Story erroneously stated that her campaign had raised $150 thousand)

Bobby Whithorn, a representative of GoFundMe, told BuzzFeed News that only four people have made donations to the Kuran, and the amount was only $97. He confirmed that all four of the fee was returned. According to the girl she originally was not going to usurp the money.

«Yes, I can’t pay for school, but don’t want to it was paid for by the Republican money — said Kuran. — I just want everything thought that I am the Queen of agility, which are».