82-year-old woman voted for the first time and after a few days died

Returning last week with early voting, 82-year-old Gracie Lou Phillips danced around the Walker, then sat up and winner, throwing up a fist, he exclaimed: «I voted!»

According to relatives, before Gracie never went to the polls. The former beautician from Grand Prairie (TX) wondered: how can she do her civic duty, if she has no voice? (Why Gracie thought so — more on that below.)

However, at the end of life, the woman changed her mind and signed up to vote in midterm elections – 2018.

Soon Gracie came down with pneumonia and sepsis, but even in the hospital continued to talk about the elections.

«She asked: «am I not able to vote? Do they not allow people to vote in the hospital?” — says Jeff Griffith, son-in-law, Gracie. For her it was very important.»

November 1, in the period of early voting, Gracie went to the site in a nearby Church and filled out their first newsletter. Handing a respectable voter souvenir pen and sticker, employees of the site applauded. On one of the family video woman sitting in the car with an oxygen tube, holding the gifts.

The next morning, Gracie got worse. She couldn’t get out of bed and drink your morning coffee.

«She said, «At least I voted,» — says the son-in-law, Gracie. — It was one of the last coherent things that she said to us».

Monday, November 5, Gracie Lou Phillips in the circle of his daughters died. She and her husband, who died 10 years ago, there were 7 children, 20 grandchildren, 33 great-grandchildren and 1 great grandson. It was my husband, Gracie, fearing for his construction business, tried to stay away from politics and demanded the same from his wife.

Sad update:
We profiled 1st time voter Gracie Lou Phillips of Grand Prairie last night. She was determined to vote — despite transitioning into hospice care.
Her family has informed me Mrs. Gracie Lou passed away overnight.
May her story inspire others: https://t.co/s9lLyquShE pic.twitter.com/k8fXja5xkr

— Maria Guerrero (@Maria_NBC5) November 5, 2018