Corey Johnson called for the resignation of the Director of the new York electoral Commission

The speaker of the city Council of new York Corey Johnson urges the Executive Director of the city election Commission Michael Ryan to resign. The reason — many organizational problems that surfaced during the midterm elections. Broken scanners and other equipment, the lack of names in the electoral list, the huge queues to the polling stations and all kinds of confusion — this is an incomplete list of common problems in the elections of 6 November 2018.

The speaker of the city Council in his tweet said that bad weather and a high turnout can’t be an excuse for the poor organization of elections in new York. «Michael Ryan has to go, and we need a full report about today’s mistakes,» wrote Johnson.

Michael Ryan has not commented on the statement of the speaker of the city Council of new York.

At polling stations in new York there were many problems. In addition, voters have complained about non-working scanners in Brooklyn, long lines and «chaos» in crown heights.


— Laura (@lauramontross) November 6, 2018

Twitter user Angela Palladino wrote about the Ingersoll community center in Fort Greene: «ALL the SCANNERS are not working. Workers try to cut through the line, collecting the ballots manually for scanning later. Some voters left the ballots on the floor or go out with the ballot in hand on the street.»

ALL SCANNERS OUT. Poll workers trying to thin out the lines by collecting ballots by hand to scan later. Some Voters are leaving ballots on the floor or walking out with ballot in hand, at the Ingersoll Community Center in Fort Greene BK. #Election2018 @TheDemocrats @CNN @nytimes

— Angela Palladino (@angpal) November 6, 2018


Note that Federal and state officials after the Russian cyber attacks nearly two years working to strengthen and secure the electoral infrastructure and other external interventions that could potentially disrupt the vote.